ZY Cable Shure SE215/SE315/SE425/SE535/UE900 ヘッドフォン・アップグレード・ケーブル HM700用 プラグ ZY-050

SKU: FN041
価格: ¥6,400
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  • Resistor American dale Smurfs fever
  • Designed for hifiman700 development
  • Make earplugs in acoustic performance



Name: SHURE SE215 315 425 535 UE900 earphone upgrade cable (For Hifiman700)
Material: four-core twisted silver plated OFC
Plug-in: unit plugs and 3.5 four curved plug both sets of production of high-quality gold-plated plug
Features: Which upgrade line is designed for hifiman700 development, left and right channels of the internal one rigorously matched 75¦¸ resistor American dale Smurfs fever. This will not only make SHURE SE215 315 425 535 and UE900 high sensitivity earplugs perfect balance of experience on hifiman700 player, but also to make earplugs in acoustic performance, resolution, etc., there is some degree of improvement.

Length: 1.2M 

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