ZY Cable Filter DAC Power ケーブル LC-OFC 電気プラグ ZY-023 1.5M

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価格: ¥7,000
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  • Pure copper plated rhodium
  • PALIC X-3 Material: LC-OFC (linear crystal OFC)
  • Quiet background, detailed clarity, good balance
  • Fit for CD player, decoder, amplifier, monitor speakers

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Length: 1.5M
Name:HIFI power cord (American Standard)
Wire: PALIC X-3 Material: LC-OFC (linear crystal OFC)
Plug in: pure copper plated rhodium
Features: quiet background, detailed clarity, good balance. It applies to the CD player, decoder, amplifier (amp, combined machine, pre-amp), monitor speakers.

カスタマー Q&A:


Hi - I need to order this cable with a euro plug. Is that possible?

投稿日: 18/03/30 23:14

Hi, we can customize the cable for you with an euro plug.  It needs 10 working days for customizing.  If you need it, please you can contact us.  Thanks and best regards  Shenzhenaudio  

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