ZY Cable ステレオミニプラグ3.5mm-RCAピン×2 ケーブル Palicass ZY-022

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価格: ¥4,400
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  • Full of elasticity and low-frequency
  • High-frequency smooth and delicate voice
  • IF strongsense of density, better vocalperformance

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3.5 enthusiast to Dual RCA stereo signal line
Name: enthusiast 3.5 Stereo to Dual RCA signal cable
Wire: Palic
Material: LC-OFC
Plug: Palic
Features: High-frequency smooth, delicate voice;
IF strongsense of density, better vocalperformance;
full of elasticity and low-frequency, dive deeper.
Length: 1M

カスタマー Q&A:

John Han
John Han

Hi, need clarification about the length: Say 1M, am I correct that after spreading them, distance between both RCAs will be more than 1M? I may want to use it for my actived speakers.

投稿日: 15/09/25 15:09

The length don't include the RCAs, it can work with your active speaker. Thanks.

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