YAQIN(ヤーキン) ML-1100 8 Way 電源タップ

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価格: ¥17,000
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  • Giving great flexibility in power cable choice
  • Excellent materials for superior sound quality
  • Unidirectional power outlet flapper audio enthusiast purifier
  • This mains block improve the performance of any piece of equipment



With lightning protection and overcurrent protection devices, can effectively protect appliances.
Can effectively filter out AC mains interference and clutter out of your audio background quieter, clearer sound and transparent.

Can effectively filter out or reduce television interference in the snow to make the image clearer, more bright colors.

Can prevent the engine, turn lights, sun strobe, washing machines turning, refrigerators and other string starting and running a computer into the grid interference noise.

Using American standard and universal power outlet, to meet the requirements of different countries power plug.

Used in Taiwan advanced dedicated power outlet socket copper flexibility, close contact, durable and so on.

Using Philips (MKP) dedicated audio capacitors and high inductance inductance and quality of large-scale production of high-purity copper.



Rated voltage: AC100V-AC250V

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Maximum current: 15A

Dimension:355 × 115 × 75 mm


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