Topping NX4 DSD XMOS-XU208 DAC ES9038Q2M Chip Portable Headphone Amplifier Decoder

SKU: Topping NX4 DSD
価格: ¥19,000
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  • DSD:PCM768,DSD512

  • Headphone output: 293mW

  • Suitable Headphone Impedance:16-300Ω

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Analog input:1 x 3.5mm(share with analog output)
Analog output:1 x 3.5mm(share with analog input)
Headphone output:1 x 3.5mm
Playback time:Approx 28 hours (only headphone amp)
Approx 7.5 hours (USB DAC + headphone amp)
Headphone output: 293mW
Distortion: 0.0009% (140mW)
Gain: 0dB.8.8dB
Noise floor: 2.5uV 6.5uV
293mW x 2 @ 32Ω
114mW x 2 @ 300Ω
Decoding SNR: 119dB
16-32bit / 44.1-768kHZ DSD64-DSD256Dop DSD64-512 (native)
Net weight:Approx 155g (unit only)
Dimensions:Approx 11CM x 6.8CM x 1.4CM
Suitable Headphone Impedance:16-300Ω

カスタマー Q&A:


pick up from shenzhen?

投稿日: 18/11/07 21:24

Hi gabriel,we can send it to you,if you are in Shenzhen.Thank you!

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Roberto Parish
Roberto Parish

Is the Lightning-to-micro USB short cable as the FiiO Q1 Mark II included?

投稿日: 18/11/28 18:41

Hi, the package includes a Micro to Micro cable and a Micro to Type-C cable.Thank you!

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Roberto Parish
Roberto Parish

How can this DAC be used with an iPhone X if no cable is included?  The Q1 MKII from this same brand comes with a Lightning-to-micro USB!

投稿日: 18/12/01 5:26

Hi Roberto Parish,The standard package does not include the Lightning-to-micro USB cable.Thank you!

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Hello, delivery time to Mexico City? What shipping options are there and prices? Thank you

投稿日: 19/02/01 11:51

Hi FERNANDO,generally, we send this unit to Mexico City via small packet for free.Thank you!

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Can you please link the driver download for Windows 10?  

投稿日: 19/06/18 16:28

Hi Dan, we have uploaded the driver. You can download it directly. Thank you!

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