STAX(スタックス) SR-407 コンデンサー式イヤースピーカーシステム

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  • High quality artificial Leather
  • Solid line and dotted line on cable
  • Low-capacity special wide cable
  • Push-pull electrostatic, oval sound element



SR-407 Earspeakers:

Type:Push-pull Condenser type oval shaped unit
Open Back Enclosure
Frequency range:7-41,000Hz
Capacitance,including cable: 110pF
Impedance:144k ohm at 10kHz including cable
Standard Bias Voltage:580V/DC
Left/Right Indication:
L&R indicators are provided on the HEADPHONE ARC and the left channel cable is marked with a solid line while the right channel cable is marked with a dotted line.
Sound Pressure Level:101dB/100V r.m.s.
Cord:2.5-meter cord
6-core parallel low capacitance
Earpad:High quality artificial Leather (EP-234GR)
Weight:including cable 515g

SRM-006TS Driver Unit:

Frequency response:DC~80kHz+0,-3db
Input level:100mV/100V output
Maximum Out put Level:300V r.m.s (1kHz)
Harmonic Distortion:0.01 or less (1kHz / 100Vr.m.s.)
Impedance:50K ohms (RCA), 100 k ohms (XLR)
Input terminals:RCAx2 with parallel terminal
XLR x 1 (2 HOT)
Standard bias voltage: DC 580V x 2
Tube:6FQ7/6CG7 x 2
Power supply:AC 100V (50Hz/60Hz)
Power consumption:49W
Operating temperature range:0~35 celsius Max. 90% Humidity (without condensation)
Dimensions:195 (W) x 103 (H) x 380 (D) mm without Knob, Pin jack
Weight:3.4 kg

カスタマー Q&A:


Hello, I am very interested in SRM-006ST. Do you have it instock? And will you ship it to Netherland? Thanks.

投稿日: 14/06/26 10:06

Hi, yes, i have this item in stock and can ship to Netherlands. Thanks.

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ

Hi !  Do You Have STAX SRM-006TS Driver Unit with power supply AC = 220V?  Thanks

投稿日: 15/02/19 18:20

Yes, i have this item. Thanks.

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ

just to be sure: is this item for headphone + amp? Have a nice day all. Marco

投稿日: 16/06/06 2:52

Hi Marco.You choose : SRM4170 (SR-407 + SRM-006sT) is include headphone + amp.Have a nice day.Thank you.

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Randy bessinger
Randy bessinger

This work in us voltage? How much sipping to usa 64138

投稿日: 16/12/17 10:22

Hi Randy,Of course,it can work in us voltage.We pay the shipping fee.Thank you.

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ
Randy bessinger
Randy bessinger

Work in usa voltage? Shipping cost usa?

投稿日: 16/12/17 10:26

Hi Randy,It can work in usa voltage.We pay the shipping fee.Thank you.

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ
Ricardo Farago
Ricardo Farago

Do you have the SRM-006TS in 240v?  Do oyu have nay other Stax amplifiers eg SRM-007ii or 727?

投稿日: 17/12/08 17:24

Hi Ricardo,yes,we had SRM-006TS in 240v.We have SRM-007ii and 727.Thank you.

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ
Ricardo Farago
Ricardo Farago

Can you please advice price of STAX SRM 727ii for 240v to Australia  Thank you

投稿日: 17/12/08 19:14

Hi Ricardo,it is 1750usd.Thank you.

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