SoulNote SA300 USB DAC & DSD & デジタルアンプ

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SoulNote's upcoming blockbuster products SA300, we call it"wireless music amplifier",



SoulNote's upcoming blockbuster products SA300, we call it"wireless music amplifier",as the name suggests,this is a DAC/AMP all-in-one model. Up to 24Bit/384kHz digital signals, while supporting DSD files; employs class D digital amplifier, output 50 watts
@8 ohms per channel. SoulNote president said, although this SA300 is made in China like SC300 CD players as are , but it is designed by Japanese designer of the Soulnote team, and the model uses more than 50 components imported from Japan, ueses
even more Japan imported components than previous SC300. In addition, although SA300 use Class D digital amplifier, and not using SoulNote's iconic no negative feedback and fully balanced amplification technology, but long after the Japanese engineers'tuning, SA300's sound production remains live, high fidelity,uncoloured performance.
SA300 supports Bluetooth 4.0 connection, SoulNote SA300 use larger and more stable Bluetooth 4.0 data transfer and DAC amplifier circuit designed to break this myth. In addition, for those LP audiophiles, SA300 is also an amazing product because it also can be used as a phono amp, with only one SA300, you can have the most nostalgic simulation whereares the most popular digital sound and stream music.
In addition, SA300 has a 6.3mm headphone jack, SA300 is not just use a simple op amp to do the job, but have an entire independent headphone amp circuit, it is no wonder why it the amp features so powerful and so delicate sound.


50W x 2 (8Ω), 100W x 2 (4Ω) for impedance 2Ω~8Ω
190mW (32Ω) recomm 16Ω~600Ω
<0.03% (1kHz)
<0.003% (1kHz)
Freq. Response:10Hz~60kHz (-3dB)
Input Impedance:
Line 620mV/47kΩ
Phono 6mV/47k
S/N Ratio:105dB
Input Sampling Frequencies
USB 44.1/48/88.2/176.4/192/352.8/384kHz/16~32Bit
COAX/OPT 44.1/48/88.2/176.4/192kHz/16~24bit
Outer Carton:555x505x220mm
Gross Weight:10.8kgs

カスタマー Q&A:

Jacek Galikowski
Jacek Galikowski

Please, give me more attractive price for BlueNote SA 300.  Best regards  J.Galikowski

投稿日: 17/01/17 9:20

Hi Jacek,    Good day.  Thank you for your email.  The Soulnote SA300 best price is 1280usd.  Please contact if any question.    Best regards  Kerwin  Shenzhenaudio

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Jacek Galikowski
Jacek Galikowski

Hi,  Thanks for information. What is the coast and what is the time for delivery to Poland (Europe)?  What is the country of shipment? What is the name spedition company?  Best regards,  Jacek Galikowski

投稿日: 17/01/18 5:51

Hi Jacek,    We will pay the shipping fee.  It will take 3-8 days arrive Poland via DHL.    Thank you.

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Jacek Galikowski
Jacek Galikowski

Dear Sirs,  Thank you for answer.  I need to know from what country item will be sent to Poland, because duty depends on that? It is European country or not?  Best regards,  J.Galikowski

投稿日: 17/01/20 8:48

Hi Jacek,It will send from China,we will declare 50usd and pay the DHL shipping fee.Thank you.

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