SMSL SA-98E 出力160W TDA7498E T-AMP デジタルアンプ

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  • Mark ideal listening to 120W/ power per channel
  • A-98E takes TDA7498Eof STMicroelectronics as the core
  • TDA7498E is the BTL output circuit for class D audio amplifier chip
  • Efficiency as high as 90%, will not generate too much heat in the large power

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SA-98E is which takes TDA7498E of STMicroelectronics as the core, using Panasonic ( Japanese Panasonic )• EPCOS• PHILIPS ( German Siemens ( Holland ), ALPS ( Philips ) Japan Alps ), WIMA ( German Weimaraner )• RIFA •ERO senior of fever parts refining ,high quality digital power amplifier.

TDA7498E is the BTL output circuit for class D audio amplifier chip, with strong output short circuit and over temperature overload protection. Efficiency as high as 90%, so it will not generate too much heat in the large power, very suitable for using in long time work ( supermarkets and other public places ). With the double wooden Sanlin avant-garde design and rich colors, this uint is more easy to match your home environment.

Use the power adapter for DC32V SA-98E. Pick6Ω80W power ( THD = 10% ), then 4Ω100W power ( THD = 12% ), power amplifier distortion is with the power increase and increase. So we mark ideal listening to 120W/ power per channel.



Output power: ( DC=32V )
80W/ 6 ΩTHD = 10%;
65W/ 8 ΩTHD = 10%;
Input level:400mv~2V
Wafer efficiency: 90%

Case color: Black

Panel color: Black / silver / gold
Shell material: Aluminum
Shell process: La stria, oxidation coloring, CNC processing
Screen printing process: laser engraving
Input: RCA socket (gold ) stereo input
Power supply:100-240ACV
Circuit board:1.6mm all glass,2OZ ( oz) copper thickness, the most senior of the immersion gold process
Machine size:168x 98 x36mm ( including the bulge part)
Machine weight:1.25KG



A SA-98E amplifier
A power adatper
A Manual
A Warranty Card



カスタマー Q&A:


Hi, i want to upgrade my SA-98E Power Supply, Do you have 36V 5.7A Power Supply? Thanks. Denis.

投稿日: 14/07/01 12:08

Sorry, the SA-98E just have 32V Power Supply. Also, i don't have 36V 5.7A Power Supply. Thanks.

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V Rogers
V Rogers

I would like to use two of these to power a pair of speakers i.e. one amplifier connected to each speaker playing just one channel. Can supply the same single channel input to both Left and Right input and then bridge the two speaker outputs to get more power? If not is it safe to use only one channel and leave the second channel disconnected?

投稿日: 14/10/09 19:11

Yes, it can use two of these to power a pair of speakers.However, i don't know whether it can get more power. Thanks

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Hi,    How much will it cost me to have this amplifier shipped via DHL or Fedex? Is it okay it will be declared as a gift or replacement?    Thanks.

投稿日: 15/01/28 22:31

Will add 20 USD for DHL and 25 USD for FedEx. declare 30 USD and mark it as a sample. Thanks.

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what kind of output connector does it use? banana plug?

投稿日: 16/12/10 11:32

Hi caleb,yes,output connector use banana plug.Thank you.

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Hi, would it work with the SMSL SD-793II.... also do I need to have passive speakers with this amp or I can run the Audioengin A5+?

投稿日: 17/02/21 3:58

Hi Patrick,yes,SMSL SA-98E can workn with SD-793II.And need to have passive speakers with amp.Thank you.

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Hi. Will these power my Sony Tower speakers (2x150w)? Running from a turntable with inbuilt preamp. Any other mini amps you can suggest for my setup?

投稿日: 17/02/25 8:05

Hi Luke,yes, SMSL SA-98E can power Sony Tower speakers (2x150w).SMSL A6 is the better choose.Thank you.

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Hi, How does this compare to Q5 Pro?

投稿日: 17/03/06 10:24

Hi Pckidz,98E is pure analog power amplifier, Q5 PRO is the multi-function power amplifier, 98E power is bigger, the collocation of sound source level.Thank you.

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Will this not burn a 6 ohm 60W/80W (long/short) speaker?

投稿日: 17/04/28 18:49

Hi Jeremy ,yes,it can't.Thank you.

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How much is the Power Supply for this unit, how much is shipping to Singapore

投稿日: 17/05/11 15:00

Hi Ari,Power supply:100-240ACV.We can ship 220V to you for use in Singapore.You can choose to express way, also can choose free shipping.Thank you.

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Hi, is there a way to select gain? I don't need much power, so I would like to set gain to lowest level to reduce noise.    Thanks in advance,  Aleksandar.

投稿日: 17/05/21 3:12

Hi Aleksandar ,it can select gain.Thank you.

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