Little Dot MKVIII MK8 SE 12AT7X2 6H30PIX4 バランス出力 真空管 ヘッドフォン・アンプ

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価格: ¥116,900
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  • Delivering a "pure" signal free from unwanted distortion and color
  • Fully balanced architecture with single-ended headphone functionality
  • Used with high impedance headphones like Sennheisers and Beyerdynamics
  • Dual-mono with independent amp with their own isolated toroidal transformer power supplies

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The Little Dot MK VIII SE further specializes our Little Dot MK VI+ platform for no-compromise performance with high impedance headphones. Fully balanced architecture with single-ended headphone functionality as well, the Little Dot MK VIII SE is also dual-mono with independent amplifiers with their own isolated toroidal transformer power supplies. An output capacitor-less design minimizes components in the signal path, delivering a "pure" signal free from unwanted distortion and color. The Little Dot MK VIII SE's sound signature is designed to be provide a reference-level of transparency with a touch of tube warmth and tonal richness.

Technical Specifications:

Available in either Black  or Silver
Fully Balanced, Dual-Mono Architecture
Balanced: 2x 3-pin XLR
Single-ended: 2x RCA
Balanced: 4-Pin XLR
Balanced Pre-Amp: 2x 3-pin XLR
Single-ended: 1/4" (6.35mm) TRS Stereo jack
Frequency Response: 

Input Impedance: 50K ohms

5Hz - 80KHz (-3dB)
10Hz - 30KHz (-1dB)

Pre-Amplifier Output Impedance: 600 ohms
THD+N:Signal-to-Noise: 96 dB0.01% (2Vrms @ 1000Hz)
0.03% (10Vrms @ 1000Hz)
0.2% (20Vrms @ 1000Hz)

Power Output:

Voltage Swing: 60V p-p

2W per channel @ 600 ohms
1W per channel @ 300 ohms

Power Consumption: 110 VA
Metric: 350mm (length) by 290mm (width) by 140mm (height)
Weight: 9.6 kg or 21 lbs
Available in either 110-120VAC or 220-240VAC
One Year Official Little Dot Warranty

カスタマー Q&A:


Hi,    I have purchased the little dot mk8 se through with your store, my question is how long would it takes for it to be shipped? my order number is Order #363994818, purchased it last saturday.    Thanks,  Romel

投稿日: 17/04/20 14:35

Hi Romel,our colleague will contact you.Thank you.

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May I have the Weekly Sale Price of Little Dot MKVIII MK8 SE?

投稿日: 17/05/26 0:37

Hi Jacob,we had set the price 929.98usd.Please check

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john astley
john astley

hi I'm intrested in the little dot mk8SE can you tell me how much this amplifer is in uk pounds please thanks

投稿日: 17/08/11 0:06

Hi John,it is 770uk pounds.Thank you.

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Headphones Philips A5 Pro (16ohm) will work with the little dot Mk VIII SE with the M8?

投稿日: 18/03/23 6:29

According to the parameter, the MK8SE can driver the Philips A5 pro.  

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The function of the preamp to the power amp works on the XLR outputs? Little Dot MK MK8 VIII SE will be able to work with Accuphase A-46 as the preamp?

投稿日: 18/03/24 2:17

Hi, the MK8SE preamp function can work on the XLR outputs, only if your amplifier has XLR inputs.  For the Accuphase A-46 , we are not sure, could you please offer more information about this product?  Thanks and best regards.  Shenzhenaudio

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jay garrison
jay garrison

I bought a little dot mk 8 and the two front smallest tubes do no light up do you have any suggestions thank you

投稿日: 18/06/15 10:44

Hi, please swap the left and right tubes to see if the tubes light up.  If the answer is no, please contact your seller to send you a pair of new small tubes to you.  Thanks

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Audiophile World
Audiophile World

Does it have fans as some other models?  

投稿日: 18/10/21 18:43

Hi,yes,it has.Thank you!

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Can E182ccX4 be used (perhaps with a help of an adaptor) instead of 6H30PIX4? Thanks.

投稿日: 18/12/12 18:38

Hi Przemek, The E182ccX4 can't be used instead of 6H30PIX4. Thank you!

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Добрый день! Возможна отправка в Россию?

投稿日: 19/06/11 5:01

Hi Oleg, Yes, we can ship this unit to Russia for free. You can place the order. Thank you!

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