La Figaro 339 真空管 ヘッドフォン・アンプ + プリ・アンプ

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価格: ¥76,000
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  • DarkVoice 337のLa Figaro版、アップグレード済み




ヘッドフォン適合インピーダンス: 32 -- 600Ω
周波数特性: 10 -- 30kHz +/-1dB
S/N: > 100dB
出力: > 0.6W
外箱寸法: 460 x 385 x 320mm
寸法: 370 x 253 x 132mm
パネル寸法: 370 x 47 x 5mm
重量: 11kg

La Figaro 339 x1
電源ケーブル x1

カスタマー Q&A:


What is the plate voltage of the 339?

投稿日: 16/04/28 11:25

Hi Mark,we can ship the plate voltage that you need.Just order and tell me what plate voltage you need and we will ship.Thank you.

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john astley
john astley

hi I'm intrested in the lafigaro 339 in sliver can you tell me why the sliver model is $100 us dollers cheaper than the black model&do you have the sliver model in stock at the moment? thanks john

投稿日: 17/08/11 0:11

Hi john,The black and silver version is same price.Thank you.

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john astley
john astley

hi why is the sliver lafigaro 339 $649.98 us dollers?and the black upgarde version $749.98 us dollers? and what does upgrade version mean?

投稿日: 17/08/14 23:38

Hi John,Upgrade for the materials used are different, more warm, better resolution, drive HD800, PS1000, T1 is very good.Thank you.

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Can this (or the 332c) be used as preamps for power amp & loudspeakers? They don't seem to had any rca outputs.

投稿日: 17/09/30 1:00

Hi Guprold77,both can.Thank you.

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