J.Feng S-1 HiFi高音質 XMOS DSD ネットワーク ミュージックプレーヤー

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価格: ¥70,100
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  • PCM format 32Bit / 768KHz
  • Support full frequency format
  • DSD soundtrack format 64Bit / 128KHz
  • Dynamic range: ≥128dB (stereo 0dbfs = 96KHz)

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DSD Direct Stream Digital
More audio formats
PCM full format 32Bit / 768KHz WAV / FLAC / APE / DTS multi-channel / ALAC / AIFF / AAC / MP3 / WMA / Real Audio
DSD format support DFF / ISO, DSF / ISO, the current DST format only computer to play (through the computer conversion)

WiFi Direct
Built-in router - referred to as the AP function, you can no longer under WiFi network environment without through WiFi router, you can achieve your tablet / phone control the player, and between the AP and WiFi achieve a key switch


Local Play
Support full frequency format (FLAC, DSD / ISO / DIFF / DSF, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless ALAC, ACC
PCM format 32Bit / 768KHz
DSD soundtrack format 64Bit / 128KHz

Frequency response:
10Hz-30KHz (-0.3db) 24Bit / 96KHz
10Hz-40KHz (-0.3db) 24Bit / 192KHz

SNR: ≥128dB (stereo 0dbfs = 96KHz)
Distortion: ≤0.0003db (stereo 0dbfs = 96KHz)
Dynamic range: ≥128dB (stereo 0dbfs = 96KHz)
Channel Isolation:> 125dB
Jitter: ≤10PS
Output Lever: RCA2.3V RMS





DAC Specification
USB input format support: PCM 16-32Bit / 384KHz, DSD512
Enter the operating system supports USB Mac OSX Linux with UAC2 compliant kernel KS / Wasapi / WDM
/ ASIO Drivers
for MS OS XP to Win8 32-64bit
S / P DIF Input: 224Bit / 192KHz
SNR: -125dB
Dynamic atmosphere:> 127dB
Distortion: 0.0003%
Frequency response: 10-50KHz (DSD) 10-45KHz (PCM)
Left and right channel crosstalk -127dB
Two-bedroom single-ended output power: 300Ω 150mw (60-600Ω)
Power consumption: <20W
Dimension: 27.1 x 21.9 x 7.5 cm
Net Weight: 3.0kg




1 x S-1 Unit
1 x Power Cord
1 x Remote Control

カスタマー Q&A:


Hello when will you start selling J.Feng S-1 PRO ?

投稿日: 15/12/26 19:23

Dear. http://www.shenzhenaudio.com/j-feng-s1-pro-dsd-ultra-high-resolution-es9018-2-sacd-player.html

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ

I wanted to know if the usb dac can be connected to an external dac and if compatible with all dac ... thanks greetings

投稿日: 17/08/21 21:06

Hi Simone,yes,it can.Thank you.

このレビューは参考になりましたか?  はい   いいえ
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