Choseal QB771 RCA-RCA ケーブル 1.5m

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価格: ¥1,000
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  • Make clear image without distortion
  • High quality PVC sheath, with wear-resistant
  • Effectively isolating the electromagnetic interference
  • Environmental protection, long life and other characteristics


1.Pure 24K gold plated plug, effectively reduce the contact impedance and attenuation of the signalIn 
2, a plug with inner molding, prolong the using period of plug.In 
3, high quality PVC sheath, with wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics.
4, using high-density oxygen-free copper braid shielding ( OFC ), effectively isolating the electromagnetic interference, make clear image without distortion; 
5.adopting high purity oxygen-free copper conductor 4N ( OFC ), using signal attenuation of small, high transmission rate.

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