Choseal QB131 デジタル オプティカル ケーブル 1m

SKU: FM448
価格: ¥900
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  • The beam can reduce the delivery time
  • Effectively reduce the digital time distortion
  • Substantially reduced beam in optical fiber wall reflection
  • Use the special micro convex lens let the beam highly focuse


Choseal optical cable uses the special micro convex lens,which let the beam highly focused,substantially reduced beam in optical fiber wall reflection, thus shortening the delivery stroke, even if the cable is extremely distorted situations, in order to maintain signal high fax, after focusing,the beam can reduce the delivery time,effectively reduce the digital time distortion,and the spherical design of the micro convex lens can be close to the input end of the optical fiber connection deviation caused by the distortion that minimized, is the most reliable transmission of digital media, are widely used in CD/DVD/DAT/LD and other digital equipment, is the best guarantee of high resolution audio replay.

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