Choseal GB1702 オプティカル ケーブル OCC 1m

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価格: ¥3,900
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  • High-resolution audio playback
  • 24K gold-plated non-magnetic copper
  • Structural design of the multilayer coating
  • High-quality imported plastic optical fiber core


CHOSERL Akihabara optical digital cable GB1702 1.0 米
Akihabara optical digital cable GB1702 1.0 米 commodity characteristics
Digital fiber optic cable suitable for digital audio signal used to transmit media, unlike traditional copper as the conductor to signal wiring, susceptible to the surrounding
Electromagnetic interference, fiber optic transmission lines and clear sound quality is unmatched by traditional wires, especially the transmitted digital signal
Via digital decoders for 5.1-channel audio distribution, and then the sound field to form a ring, another digital fiber is also used to record highs
Best quality.

Packing List
Cable × 1

Material: Digital Optical Cable
Category: Fiber Line
Brand: Akihabara
Cable length: 1 m
Wire Type: Fiber Line

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