Choseal BB-5605 HiFi高音質 バランス出力 XLR ケーブル 6N OCC 1M

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価格: ¥9,500
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  • XLR Female to XLR Male
  • 6N 99.9999% pure OCC copper
  • Connected Between MIC /Speaker/Audio
  • Audiophile HiFi Occ XLR Balanced Cable

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The OCC copper rod's characteristic is: The single direction crystallizes or the list crystallization composition, the segregation are few, the impurity is low. An average crystal length is 125m, is above common oxygen_free copper (OFC) 50_100 times; The cost is also above oxygen_free copper (OFC) 8_15 times. Because the OCC wire rod's crystalline fracture is zero theoretically, therefore the signal may maintain in the transmission process complete not consumes.


Brand: Choseal
Model: BB-5605
Product name: Audiophile Hi_Fi Occ XLR Balanced Cable
Diameter & Length :OD 13mm x 1m, per pair
Plug: XLR Female to XLR Male
Material :6N 99.9999% pure OCC copper
Usage: Connected Between MIC /Speaker /Audio

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