Bravo SP HiFi高音質 EH6922 真空管 ヘッドフォン・アンプ

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価格: ¥14,200
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  • Powerful Dynamic Hybrid Tube Amplifier.
  • Compatible with EH922 Tubes and 12AU7 Tubes.
  • Visible Components are an Immediate Conversation Starter.
  • Stereo RCA & 3.5mm Inputs.Speaker Pole Jack Outputs.

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The SP1 from the award winning Bravo Audio amplifier manufacturer brings a new level of elegance and design to the often mundane task of stereo amplification. Bringing design cues from their V1, V2 and V3 amplifier, Bravo Audio again sets itself apart from the metal cased competitors.


Input Power: DC 18V 3A
THD: 0.2% (18V 8Ohms)
Output: 20W+20W RL= 8 Ohm
Maximum Input Voltage: 1V (VP-P)
Frequency Response: 40 - 18K Hz (+/- 1dB)
Working Temperature: 0 - 70 degree centigrade
Inputs: Stereo RCA x1, Stereo 3.5mm x1
Outputs: Speaker Pole jack x 4 (stereo)
Dimensions: 168mm (D) X 115mm (W) X 85mm (H)

カスタマー Q&A:


Is this an headphone only amp?

投稿日: 16/12/29 13:28

Hi Vincenzo,yes,it's headphone amplifier.This's new product.Thank you.

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No Name
No Name

Iam sorry, but I have to contradict. This is not a headphone amp. This is a 2x20 W amp with two inputs. One for 3,5 mm stereo and a left and right RCA input. The outputs are +/- left and right channel. There is nowhere anything for a headphone. At least nothing from the technical specifications or pictures.

投稿日: 17/04/18 2:24

Hi,    It's headphone amplifier.  2 RCA input and 3.5mm output.    Best regards

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